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Motivation Is Key to Success – But How Can We Sustain It?

Everyone says it’s due to a lack of motivation when a person doesn’t succeed – but how exactly can motivation be sustained?

Probably you’ve heard many times before that having the proper mindset and motivation are the necessary keys in order for you to achieve success. Sure enough, we live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with motivational quotes.

We wake up only to find ourselves surrounded by people who claim a never-ending motivation toward executing their goals. At times it’s quite expected from us to wonder how everybody manages to keep such high levels of feeling motivated and determined all the time – after all, we are all human and discouragement and disappointment hit us hard equally.

But perhaps there is one very important detail when it comes to motivation: what if we hardly understand its core properly? If you come to think about it, what is motivation really and why is it so hard to sustain it virtually all the time?

Let’s target our focus on motivation and try to understand it in its core

What comes to your mind the moment you hear the word “motivation”?

I bet it’s something along the lines of never backing down, determination, and a constant battle between what needs to be done and what we desire to do at the very moment.

But the thing is that the human mind isn’t constructed in such an easy way – it’s quite naive for us to think that we are capable of feeling the most determined even when things appear to be going down the drain. Think about the times when you were feeling the most motivated – weren’t they the times when you got the hint you were going straight in the right direction?

To me, motivation is this additional determination we get after doing something right and after we witness the results of our actions. Sure, they might be small at first, but even the smallest of progress is sometimes enough for us to motivate ourselves and be filled with determination to keep on going.

I believe staying motivated just for the sake of motivation is a rather peculiar and hard-to-get kind of mindset. If nothing goes according to plan and a person constantly faces a gazillion of obstacles, it would be quite hard for them to continue doing what they are doing with the same level of determination. In a nutshell, motivation comes after witnessing the expected results from our actions. This way we would be far more willing to continue our journey toward success and the end goal since we would be convinced we are on the right path.

The truth is that we often lose motivation – but what’s important for us is to understand that it’s a rather normal process instead of beating ourselves up. And our surroundings are rarely doing their best to help us out – instead of having enough information on how exactly to keep our motivation going, the only thing we get is scolding for when we lose our determination. Ironically, this is what ultimately causes us to lose even more motivation in the process.

Why do we lose our motivation? Let’s discuss 3 simple steps in retaining it and keeping it for as long as possible


We often lose our motivation mainly because we’ve set unrealistic expectations.

One cannot simply expect to be motivated and determined all the time if they don’t do anything in order to achieve success. Another important reason has to do with setting unrealistic goals or being too short of deadlines. Social media also adds to our disability to stay motivated – there are numerous influencers and life coaches who spend their days repeating how important it is for us to stay motivated while blaming our lack of constant determination to be the very reason for our failure. I bet you can imagine the pressure all of this causes on our minds.

In today’s article, I’ve decided to offer some quite useful and beneficial tips on maintaining healthy levels of motivation and determination.

  • Motivation comes the moment we witness small victories – let’s say you want to be a writer. The majority of life coaches would tell you that you need to wake up each day motivated and determined to be the next Stephen King. What they often miss on telling you is that you actually need to take the initial steps toward your desires and dreams. Start with small goals first – aim at writing at least 500 words per day every day. Once you witness you’re able to execute this task, motivation will follow naturally. Another beneficial approach is to write a little something and send it to a friend for review – getting feedback will also get you moving. My point is that motivation comes after small success so get yourself working.
  • Set achievable and reasonable goals at the beginning – have you ever met a person who wants to lose weight but is quickly discouraged simply because they failed to get rid of 5 kg in one week? It’s quite likely for their motivation to quickly drop but this has nothing to do with their disability to achieve their goal. More likely it has to do with them setting unreasonable goals with unreasonable deadlines. Remember that a huge part of overall success is patience, perseverance, and hard work. If you want to keep a constant level of motivation, start with small steps and upgrade with time.
  • Try not to compare yourself to others – I know that this is very hard in today’s digital age where we know just about anything about everybody. But keep in mind one thing – no one posts their failures and mishaps on social media. Those platforms are merely a place for bragging and boasting. If you constantly compare yourself to others, it’s quite likely you’d soon lose motivation. But the truth is you never know what on social media is true and what’s exaggerated. So try to compete with yourself only – after all, the strongest motivation comes the moment you achieve being better than yourself from yesterday.

To wrap things up

Motivation is extremely important for us to fulfill our dreams, simply because it encourages us to move forward toward success. What we must not forget, however, is that motivation doesn’t come with a snap of a finger – usually, it’s a product of hard work, determination, patience, and perseverance. You’ve heard the expression that the appetite comes with the process of eating – well, it would be safe to say that the state of feeling motivated comes with hard work and witnessing small victories.

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Posted on: 08/02/22; Last updated on: 08/02/22;

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