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CEO of Vipe Studio

I was once an athlete. Then a journalist. Now I am a CEO of an IT company. Still running marathons though.

CEO of Vipe Studio

I was once an athlete. Then a journalist. Now I am a CEO of an IT company. Still running marathons though.

6 Mistakes Aspiring Entrepreneurs Make

Because learning from our mistakes is actually the pivotal skill of them all. Photo by Medienstürmer on Unsplash There are gazillions of books that can teach us how to be great entrepreneurs. Or leaders. Or managers. Or employees. You get the drill — luckily, we live in a world where we have access to countless sources of information and […]

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Posted on: 06/28/22; Last updated on: 06/28/22;

7 Business Hacks You Should Implement Right Away

Even though establishing a business is a great deal, the following steps are not less important at all – let’s discuss some business hacks that might be useful! If you are reading this, then perhaps you’ve already built a business (or intensively planning to do so). Congratulations! I promise you you’ll experience amazing emotions accompanied […]

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Posted on: 06/21/22; Last updated on: 06/21/22;

3 Untraditional Approaches To Creating The Perfect Website

Sometimes what we need is to draw outside of the lines for a change. Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash If you believe website development is a creative artsy endeavor, you can bet I’d buy you a cup of coffee if we met! Website development has to do with so much more than writing code, addressing Git, and […]

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Posted on: 03/27/22; Last updated on: 03/27/22;

The 3 First Steps Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Consider

Aim at entrepreneurship with the proper attitude and preparation If you’ve always considered yourself as a driven ambitious full of ideas individual, then most likely at some point you might turn your gaze towards entrepreneurship. I greatly encourage and congratulate this decision. Entrepreneurship can absolutely give you lots of opportunities for skills and knowledge enhancement, […]

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Posted on: 03/25/22; Last updated on: 03/25/22;

‘Hooray, I became a CEO!’ or How Leadership Turned Out To Be 4 hours of Sleep at Night

A story about climbing the professional ladder and a major misunderstanding of what owning a company actually means Photo by Garrhet Sampson on Unsplash Well, here I am, at the peak of my teenage years, coding and developing websites for fun. While studying journalism at university I dreamt of joining some high-level newspaper media while keeping my […]

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Posted on: 03/14/22; Last updated on: 03/14/22;

Best Journalism Working Practices I Learned That You Can Use Too

All of them can help you outside of writing as well You know how people usually divide themselves into two separate groups: the ones with an analytical and critical approach and the creative ones, right? Well, I’m happy to share that I belong to both - currently my main professional field is in the web development industry, but […]

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Posted on: 03/08/22; Last updated on: 03/08/22;

8 Biggest Mistakes Junior Developers Make

No judgment! I even share some great strategies to exit the loop Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash We live in a world where being part of a successful, creative, and fast-developing IT company often is a dream come true. I can most definitely agree with this — as a CEO of a WordPress Development Agency, I can surely […]

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Posted on: 03/06/22; Last updated on: 03/06/22;