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CEO of Vipe Studio

I was once an athlete. Then a journalist. Now I am a CEO of an IT company. Still running marathons though.

CEO of Vipe Studio

I was once an athlete. Then a journalist. Now I am a CEO of an IT company. Still running marathons though.

To Be More Productive, Implement Those 8 Attention-Keeping Hacks

Productivity is not all about time management, it’s also about focus and concentration. Photo by Artur Shamsutdinov on Unsplash Productivity is so well-discussed right now. And it has every reason to be — we live in a world where being productive often equals succeeding at various tasks and projects. Ask any entrepreneur or business owner for some useful […]

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Posted on: 06/20/22; Last updated on: 06/20/22;

How To Spot A Potentially Great Developer During an Interview? Here Are 6 Characteristics

A useful guide for all CEOs and managers in software and web development who are in search of their next best addition to the team. Image by 200degress @ Pixabay I’m sure the majority of CEOs and managers of web and software development companies often have to go through the process of interviewing candidates for a position […]

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Posted on: 05/23/22; Last updated on: 05/23/22;

14 Interpersonal Skills That Will Come In Handy In Establishing a Business

Sure, it’s definitely a wise choice to read all about business and entrepreneurship, but some interpersonal skills are just way too important to be overlooked If you have gathered the strength needed to just wake up one day and state that you are ready to make your first business steps, then kudos to you. What […]

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Posted on: 05/17/22; Last updated on: 05/17/22;

What are the most trending and demandable skills?

This list can turn out to be quite long since there is a huge pile of demandable and trending skills nowadays.

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Posted on: 04/13/22; Last updated on: 04/19/22;

Character Traits You Need in Order to Become a Successful Leader

There’s so much more to it than having exceptional management skills. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash I’ve always had a really strong admiration for leaders. To me, leadership has always represented the ability to get along with people while leading them towards success and growth, both professional and personal. Nowadays being a leader quickly surpassed […]

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Posted on: 04/06/22; Last updated on: 04/06/22;

14 Mandatory Skills Junior Devs Must Acquire Before Heading to a Job Interview

Don’t waste your chances — level up your skills instead. Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash Entering the world of web development is definitely quite exciting and, at the same time, a challenging adventure. Nowadays many people express their desire to become web developers — some of them are drawn to the never-ending expansion of skills and knowledge, the flexibility of […]

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Posted on: 03/24/22; Last updated on: 03/24/22;

The 3 Soft Skills You Absolutely Must Master Before Starting a Business

Let’s look beyond the obvious and discuss some traits that will surely boost your chances Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash All right, let’s say you have a great and inspirational idea in your mind about your future business endeavor. You also might be well ahead with gathering information about all the technical and administrative details you […]

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Posted on: 03/15/22; Last updated on: 03/15/22;